St. John's School
Sec-7A, Faridabad



  • School Hours are: Kindergarten
    Nursery & K.G.
    Summer: 8:30 am to 12:45 pm (Monday to Friday)
    Winter: 9 am to 1:15 pm (Monday to Friday)

    Standard I – II
    Summer: 8:30 am to 12:45 pm (Monday to Friday)
    Winter: 9 am to 1:15 pm (Monday to Friday)

    Standard III – XII
    Summer: 7:25 am to 1:45 pm (Monday to Friday)
    Winter: 8 am to 2:05 pm (Monday to Friday)

    Principal’s Meeting Time
    2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
    With Prior Appointment Only

    Teacher’s Meeting Time
    Summer: 7:30 to 8 am
    With Prior Appointment Only


  • Safe and Secure Environment

    St. John’s School provides a safe and secure environment for its students. For this CCTV cameras have been placed at different places. To ensure the safety of your child, the student will be allowed to leave the school premises only with his/her parents, once the application is sanctioned by the Principal.

  • Library

    The school library is open to all bonafide students of the school . Each student of class II to XII is issued a library card with a photograph. The book is issued for a period of one week at a time. Students are permitted to get the books issued only on their own Library Cards. The school library is equipped with a collection of over 16,936 books. All students are encouraged to make the best use of the school library. It is accommodated in a well furnished, well lit and ventilated hall. The various newspapers and magazines which are subscribed by the School Library are as:-

    Hindustan TimesDown to Earth
    Dainik JagranIndia Today
    Reader’s Digest
    Sports Star
    Competition Success

  • Sickbay

    The school has a medical room which is looked after by a qualified nurse. Every possible care is taken of the child during school hours and the nurse administers first aid to the students as and when necessary. She keeps an eye on them and tries to soothe their pain and suffering. If a doctor has to be consulted for treatment the parents are informed immediately.

  • Digital Classroom

    Most of the classes are equipped with Educomp Smart Boards so as to make the teaching-learning process more interesting. The students learn the respective subjects with the help of audio visual methods.

  • AV Room

    AV Room for tiny-tots. A colourful AV room is a source of attraction for our little wonders where they are taught rhymes and shown movies on an LCD. The smile on the face of the tiny-tots as they are lost in their dream makes a spectacle worth admiring.

  • CCTV

    CCTV’s have been installed in crucial vantage points of the school premises like gate, playground, corridors on every floor, school canteen, parking etc and is vigilantly monitored by the school principal from where she can keep an eagle eye on all the activities taking place in the school vicinity.

  • Activity Room

    The school aims at the all-round development of the students by providing activities where learning becomes fun.

  • Auditorium

    The school has 2 auditoriums for multi-purpose activities. It is equipped with latest technology with a seating capacity of 130+100 persons.

  • Art & Craft Room

    The school has a separate well decorated ‘Art Room’. Art is a popular subject that encourages individual to develop their creative potential. The school has an excellent art & craft department who works throughout the year to nurture the talent of the students. The art room has a facility for drawing, painting, fabric design, folder making, rangoli etc.

  • Music & Dance Room

    The school has a huge Music & Dance Room with a talented staff for providing training to the students in Vocal/Instrumental music, Indian Classical/Folk/Western Dance. Students are taught to use various instruments like Sitar, Congo, Bongo, Harmonium, Guitar, Tabla, Jazz Drum etc. Indian and western dances are also taught in the school. The school students participate in dance competitions organized by outside schools and agencies and win laurels for the school. The school band is a matter of pride for the institution as it has repeatedly won us accolades in Republic Day Parade held at Sport Complex, Sector 12. The school dance troupe was adjudged one of the top 15 teams amidst 70 teams from all over NCR.

  • Computer Lab

    Information Technology has become an integral part of our life. The school has 3 huge computer labs with all the modern facilities to cater with the needs of the children. We have a good collection of Software and are equipped with the latest hardware. The students are taught on softwares like Java, C++, Photoshop, HTML, Logo, MS-Office etc.

  • Science Lab

    The school has separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to facilitate practical work and preparation of projects. All the laboratories are well-equipped according to the CBSE requirements. Teachers and lab-assistants provide constant supervision and guidance to the students for best results and also to complete their experiments without any difficulty.

  • Maths Lab

    A separate Maths lab has been set up in the school to make the subject more interesting. Here the students can explore and learn mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts through numerous activities.

  • Sports Facility

    The school has a room for indoor sports activity and 2 huge playgrounds. One for the tiny-tots and the other for classes I to XII. The school encourages various sporting & physical activities amongst the students. Students are trained in various sports activities like Badminton, Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball etc by the experienced experts. The students are also motivated to take part in the competitions that are organized by other schools.

  • Eco-Generator

    A fully functional eco friendly silent generator runs the school’s gadgets in case of power failure.

  • RO Water Plant

    School has the facility of RO Water purifier & coolers.

  • Counselling Sessions

    For this fast paced world of today problems are a routine affair. The school counselor provides remedial measures to problematic kids and weak students by listening to them and giving sound advice. She also advices senior students on the choice of career and courses to opt for when they are standing on the crossroads of adolescence.

  • Canteen

    The school has a spacious canteen which serves hygienic food as prime importance. The self service is loved by the students. The school gives prime importance in maintaining the quality standard of the food.

  • Transport

    All students can avail the school transport subject to the availability of seats. Students who require bus facility should fill up application forms available with the school office. The parents should consult transport-in-charge for any information related to the transport. The buses are equipped with GPS trackers and first-aid kits. Each bus is managed by an experienced driver and a trained conductor.
    Parents/Guardians can approach the transport-in-charge for any information regarding the various routes, suggestions or driver complaints. Additionally they can also contact at


  • Students are expected to attend the school in proper school uniform on all working days

    Summer: Half sleeved shirt with green checks, green tie, green belt, SJS marked green school socks and black shoes.
    Boys: Green shorts for classes I-V , Green trousers for classes VI-XII
    Girls: Green divided skirt and green hair band or ribbon

    Please Note:
    For Wednesday:
    Boys: White shirt & white shorts or trousers, white socks & shoes, green tie & Belt
    Girls: White shirt & white socks & shoes, white hair band or ribbon, green tie or belt
    White trousers/skirts for classes I-VII
    White divided skirt for classes VIII-XII

    For Saturday:
    House T-shirt with white trousers/white skirts
    Sikh boys should wear green patka with green uniform & white patka with white uniform.
    Boys should have sober and short haircut and girls should wear hair band or make

    For Kindergarten:-
    Summer: Red striped shirt, red belt, SJS marked red socks with white stripes & black shoes.
    Boys: Red shorts
    Girls: Red skirt

    Winter: Red sweater, red striped shirt, red belt, grey SJS marked school socks with black shoes.
    Boys: Grey woollen trousers
    Girls: Grey woolen trousers
    Sikh Boys: Red patka


  • There are four houses in the school- Ashoka, Pratap, Shivaji and Tagore. Every student of Class I-XII is placed in one of these houses. House once allotted will not be changed. Each house is headed by one boy and one girl called House Captains.

    Two members of the staff act as house Master/Mistress. They are assisted by several other teachers. Points are awarded to the students’ house throughout the year for extra curricular students’ house activities and the morning assembly programmes. At the end of the year house gaining the highest points is awarded a trophy.

    Inter house competitions are held in games and sports, dramatics, debates, quiz, art and music etc.

Rules & Regulations

  • Every student must bring his/her school almanac to the school daily.
  • Students are expected to reach the school five minutes before the school timings. Late comers will not be permitted to enter the school premises.
  • No student is allowed to come to the school by a self-driven scooter, motorcycle or car and must wear helmet while sitting as pillion on two wheeler.
  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the morning session and after interval. It is mandatory to have 75% attendance will not be permitted to take the final examination. Irregularity in attendance will be registered in the student’s Character Certificate/Report Card.
  • Absence without sanctioned leave will be seriously viewed and in case of such ten consecutive leaves the name of the pupil shall be struck off the school rolls. The student would be liable for re-admission only after payment of all the dues with fresh admission fee and that too only at the discretion of the school authorities.
  • Absence due to sickness must be supported with a medical certificate from practicing M.B.B.S. doctor only.
  • A child suffering from any infectious disease must produce a fitness certificate from M.B.B.S. doctor before joining the school.
  • Students being absent on any day will be permitted to attend the class next day, only on producing application from the parents addressed to the Principal, stating the reason for the absence.
  • If any student has to leave the school campus during school hours he/she must bring application to that effect and should obtain a gate pass from the Principal and it must be presented at the gate at the time of leaving school premises.
  • In case of emergency, a student will be allowed to leave the school premises only along with his/her parents, once their application to this effect is sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Each student should be clean and neatly dressed and shall always enter the school premises in proper school uniform only. A student who is not in proper school uniform or is untidily dressed will not be allowed to enter.
  • If a student is absent from the school, he/she must make up for all the work missed by him/her.
  • Strict action to the extent of expulsion will be taken against the defaulting students in case of:
    • Immoral and unethical behaviour
    • Getting tattooed and displaying any flamboyant or showy haircut or hairstyle in school
    • Using foul, intimidating or abusive language
    • Causing destruction or damage to the school property
    • Shouting, spitting or whistling in the school building
    • Fights in or around the school premises or in school bus before, during or after school hours
    • The student not going straight to his/her home, as the students are not permitted to go to their friend’s place or elsewhere from the school
    • Bringing crackers, Holi colours, electronic gadgets or any other objectionable things to the school
    • Bringing any unauthorized book, magazines, CDs, pen drives or papers to the school
    • Hurting anybody by words or gestures or in any other manner
    • Scratching, disfiguring or damaging the school furniture, school bus or any other school property owned or hired by the school
    • Bringing razor, blades or sharp instruments or manipulating some other articles like sharpners and compass etc to hurt self or others.
    • Misbehavior with any of the staff members
    • Getting involved in any form of gambling/ betting/ business in the school
    • Use of violence in any form
    • Casteism, communalism, practice of untouchability or politics
  • Anyone who finds something damaged or spoilt should report the matter to the class teacher or to the Principal immediately.
  • No personal parties and celebrations are allowed in the school.
  • There is zero tolerance towards harassment of women. The school is also tobacco free zone.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is advisable not to bring valuables to the school. Students must take care of their belongings themselves.
  • Any unauthorized thing brought to the school will be confiscated by the school authorities and will not be returned.
  • Pupil will not be permitted to appear in Half Yearly/SA1 and Annual Examination/SA2 unless all the dues are duly cleared. Other than passing FAs, clearing SA1 and SA2 is compulsory for getting promoted to the next class.
  • Giving gifts or presents to the school staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Notice of minimum 2 working days along with an application to this effect must be given for issuing any certificate or document required from the school.
  • No transfer certificate will be issued until all the dues of the school have been paid off. Fee must be paid timely as long as the pupil’s name is on the school roll.
  • The school will remain closed on every Second and Fifth Saturday of the month until and unless some information in contrary to this is not given.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend, expel or to take any strict disciplinary action against a student whose performance in studies is undesirable in any way.
  • No student is permitted to wear faded school uniform, such uniform should be changed immediately.
  • Students are not permitted to make any alteration in the school uniform.


March25WednesdayNew Session (Nsry – II)
April01WednesdayNew Session (III – VIII & XII)
April08WednesdayNew Session (IX & X)
April25SaturdayP.T.M. (Nsry – XII)
April30 April - 08 MayWednesdayUnit Test-I/FA1 (III – XII)
May11 May – 30 JuneSummer Vacation (Nsry – II)
May18 May – 30 JuneSummer Vacation (III – VII)
May23SaturdayP.T.M. (VIII – XII)
July01WednesdaySchool Re-opens
July30 July – 07 AugustUnit Test II/FA2 (Nsry – XII)
AugustIndependence Day Celebration
August17 MondayFoundation Day Celebration
August22SaturdayP.T.M. (Nsry – XII)
September04FridayTeacher’s Day Celebration
September14 September – 30 SeptemberHalf Yearly Exams/SA1
October17 SaturdayP.T.M. (Nsry – XII)
October21 October – 24 OctoberDussehra Holidays
October26MondaySchool Re-opens
NovemberChildren’s Day Celebration
November10 November – 13 NovemberDeepawali Holidays
November16MondaySchool Re-opens
December3 December – 11 DecemberUnit Test III/FA3 (Nsry – XI)
December19SaturdayP.T.M. (Nsry – VII)
DecemberChristmas Celebration
December24 December – 25 DecemberChristmas Holidays
December26SaturdayP.T.M. (VIII – XII)
December31 December – 8 January’16Winter Vacation
January’ 1611MondaySchool Re-opens
January’ 1615 January’16 – 23 January’16Unit Test IV/FA4 (III – XI)
January’ 16Republic Day Celebration
February’ 166SaturdayP.T.M. (Nsry – XI)


April03FridayGood Friday
April14TuesdayAmbedkar Jayanti
May11 May – 30 JuneSummer Vacation (Nsry – II)
May18 May – 30 JuneSummer Vacation (III – VII)
May25 May – 30 JuneSummer Vacation VIII onwards
August15SaturdayIndependence Day
August29SaturdayRaksha Bandhan
October02FridayGandhi Jayanti
October21 October – 24 OctoberDussehra Holidays
November10 November – 13 NovemberDeepawali Holidays
November25WednesdayGuru Nanak Jayanti
December24 December – 25 DecemberChristmas Holidays
December31 December – 08 January’ 16Winter Vacation
January’ 1605TuesdayGuru Gobind Singh Jayanti
January’ 1626TuesdayRepublic Day
February’ 1626FridayMaha Shiv Ratri
March’ 1623 March’ 16WednesdayHoli
March’ 1625FridayGood Friday